hottest commodities back into the limelight, that they would have a fresh and innovative
Hollywood player move in.  Enter JJ, who was given the task of making Star Trek cool

And he has succeeded!

For the purist (and I’m among those) this latest feature may tread on territory none
dared would befall Gene Roddenberry’s iconic mythology, but you can’t deny how
entertaining this film is and especially how wonderfully slick it looks -- while all paying
the greatest tribute and homage to the original series that spawned it.  This Star Trek
feels closer to any version of Trek that has been  MAY | MAYO 2009

JJ Abrams new STAR TREK is ready for a New Generation!
Review by JC Alvarez

“Everything old is new again.” ...and never before has this expression made more
sense to me than now that director JJ Abrams has revealed his re-imagining of the
classic science-fiction series Star Trek.  Abrams rewrites history with his new Star Trek
feature reinvigorating a franchise that has endured for more than 40 years and
over 700 hours of episodic television for an entirely new generation who may not have
been exposed to the original 60’s exploits of the famed Starship Enterprise.  This is an
entirely new look, for an entirely new generation -- a high-spirited, sexually-charged,
high-octane space adventure that didn’t forget it’s roots -- that at it’s core, Star Trek has
always been about the human experience!

In the last decade Abrams has solidified himself as a master story-actioner, a maestro
of delivering thickly layered character concepts and mix it with conspiracy theories and
all out explosive action.  A fine example of that has been the television spy drama Alias,
but this is also the man that pioneered the hit coming-of-age drama Felicity, and the
phenomenon that has audiences on the edge of their seats Lost.  It was no surprise
then that when Paramount, the studio that has owned the Star Trek property wanted to
bring one of their
generated over the years; even as the various spin-off series tried to tap into the magic
that made the original show so endearing to fans, none ever were able to match the
lighting-in-a-bottle that made Star Trek The Original Series so amazing.

At the heart, what made Trek different from other television series were the
relationships between it’s characters, the core crew and “strange new worlds” they
explored; the character relations, whether human or alien, faced with each week in
morality plays which mirrored an existing social crisis.  The crew of the Enterprise
became endeared to generations of fans not just because they were valiant heroes, but
they were identifiable -- audiences related to these extraordinary individuals.  

Many drew inspiration from them.  Academy Award winning actress Whoopi Goldberg
has said that the character of Lt. Uhura, played by Nichelle Nichols was one of her role-
models.  Roddenberry literally fought with the network to make certain that this
character, a communications officer of African-decent, be

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represented on the bridge of his starship.  The network challenged Roddenberry on
this, but he stood firm -- sighting that social strife and judgement on the basis of one’s
skin color, or racial background wouldn’t exist in his future.  The placement of this
character in the Star Trek mythology lead to the very first interracial kiss on television.  
Indeed Star Trek is credited as one of the few shows on television to have ever featured
such a multi-cultural and racial diverse cast of lead characters.

So it was no surprise and perhaps the timing seemed perfect, for Paramount and JJ
Abrams to revisit the classic.  It’s hopeful message of an endurable future may be just
what the national psyche needs...something to look forward to.

It’s’s fast and dangerous, yet it still is very familiar -- and it’s more than just the
gadgetry, it’s not just because the characters are handling phasers, tricorders and
warping off into the space that makes this Star Trek so wonderfully familiar.  It’s the
struggling relationships facing our cast of lead characters who
have been asked to portray the already legendary Enterprise crew for
this adventure, which for all intents and purposes, is the beginning of the
exploits for Kirk and company.

Chris Pine’s “James T. Kirk” is brash and arrogant, yet still valiantly heroic
and deeply centered and rooted in his convictions, but he’s a bit of a
prat -- and that’s OK.  This Kirk still has a lot to learn before he can take
the center seat onboard the Starship Enterprise.  And the ship’s resident
Vulcan, one “Mr. Spock”, now played to perfection by the villainous star
of NBC’s Heroes, Zachary Quinto, is ready to put the young upstart Kirk in
his place, thus embarking on the camaraderie that will make them both
legends in Starfleet and heroes of the Federation, a peace
-keeping/humanitarian armada made up of various planets dedicated
 to seeking new life and new least until a threat of
Q              unimaginable proportions begins a quest for revenge that will set in
 motion events that could destroy the universe -- if not all human history itself!

Rounded out by Karl Urban, in the position as the Enterprise’s resident Chief Medical
Officer, “Doctor McCoy”, the gloriously beautiful Zoë Saldana as Communications
Officer “Uhura”, John Cho as the ship’s helmsman and lead fencer “Hikaru Sulu”, Anton
Yelchin as the Russian born youngster and scene steeler “Pavel Chekov” and Simon
Pegg as the industrious “Mr. Scott”, you can already see that Pine and Quinto are in
good company, and truly the torch has been admirably past from the original crew to
this new generation.  Even Leonard Nimoy’s Spock had to make his appearance,
asserting that this Star Trek is the genuine real deal and ready to make it’s own mark!

Star Trek is back and prepared to carve out it’s own legend, and with JJ Abrams at the
helm as well as writers Roberto Orci and ALex Kurtzman (both of Lost and
Transformers fame), fans and new fans alike should prepare for the unexpected...for
the future has begun!
And Star Trek lives long and will prosper again...and for a very long time.

Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, Bruce Greenwood, Zoë Saldana and Leornard Nimoy,
opens in theaters nationwide in May.

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