PAUL CHARLES | The Gay Comic Geek
by Herb Sosa

How did the Gay Comic Geek come to life?
I created my online persona of the
GayComicGeek more so when I was bored
at work and needed something to look
forward to doing after I left my office. My
co-worker and I formulated different
YouTube personalities for him to use
and I was planned as being the guy
BEHIND the camera. However, my
co-worker backed out and I decided to
proceed and just continue as myself in
front of the camera. There was a lot of
YouTube people out and about but not
a lot of them talked about gay comic
books. I figured that should be changed
and that I should open the flood gates.
I started to talk about adult gay topics as well, and more people started to pay attention to my subject matter. It just built from there and
about 10 years later and I'm still doing it.

What was your first job?
My first part time job was as a cashier at a grocery store. That was in high school. My first real job as a career choice was after I
graduated with my bachelors in Criminal Justice and I became an Investigator for the State of Florida for the Department of Children and
Families. That was incredibly tough to do in terms of the cases that I was given.

When was the first time you put on a costume, and how did you feel?
When I was 4, I put on a cheap Spider-Man costume that my dad got for me and I loved it. I just decided to build from that as my life
continued. I didn't have the finances, but I made do with objects around the house  

There's lots of different types of superheroes I consider anyone who helps
others as a true superhero. I've met many in my own life. Superheroes don't
necessarily have the largest of recognitions for their actions, but those

actions that help others are cherished by those that receive them.

There is a certain eroticism and sexuality to many of your costumes. What do you to do exude this?
Some costumes are more geared towards being comic book accurate while others I purposely make more sexual in nature. The sexual
costumes I make more because I feel sexy and I like them. I generally do not care if others think that they show too much skin or if they
reveal certain gender pieces of my own body. Cosplay is for everyone and all those that costume up in their favorite characters deserve
some publicity. I'm huge in sexual freedom and exhibition, and I think all people who want to show their bodies in any manner, geeky or
otherwise, deserve to be allowed to do this.

Is there an LGBT element/following in the comic & superhero world?
Of course! There's many gay geeks in the world that follow superheroes and the comic book universes. I know I am not alone and I have
met many other members of the LGBT community that agree with my ideas.  

3 thing you never leave home without? chain collar locked. My wallet and my keys? I really wish I had something cooler to say other than that. I sometimes leave my
phone, which scares the bejeezus out of others, but it's nice to be cut off from the world every now and then.

Are you in a relationship currently? Must your partner also be into comics & characters? What kind of guy appeals to you?
I have been in a couple relationships that do not include geekiness, so it is not a necessity. It helps a lot! But I would never block
someone that did not share my interests. I generally am a huge romantic and I love a man that does romantic gestures back at me. I go
out of my way to make my guy feel special. It is not for everyone, which I completely understand, but I love to do small things on a regular
basis that would make my guy know that I care so much about him.  

When you look at a comic book, what do you think or feel?
Depends on the comic book. I go back and forth a lot depending on the writer and artist. Sometimes I can get in a great story with an artist
that is not too great. However story element is limited by a horrible artist that cannot express his work properly. The same can be said
with writers who make cheap story ideas and attempt to make them into a huge event. So there are some checks and balances on both

                                            My favorite character
                                of all time is Robin, Tim Drake's Robin
                                      to be exact. He was the first
                                        superhero that I ever connected
                                        with as a kid. He was a nerdy kid as
                                     I was but he over came all of his
                               physical shortcomings with his brains.

It gave me hope that one day I could be just as great. To this day I am still in
awe over his character.

My least favorite character
is the exact opposite side
of the spectrum with Tim
Drake's Robin Replacement
- Damian Wayne. His
character is snot nosed
punk that disrespects
everyone, even Batman
and is still being pushed
as being the greatest
Robin. His character has
killed in the past, as
opposed to what Batman's
ideals currently are and his
character is a vast contrast
with Tim Drake and his
character is just someone
I cannot never fully except.  

If you had one superpower, what would it be,
and why?
I have gone back and forth with a lot of superpowers that I wished to have in the past. More likely I would have healing powers for others.
I would love to be able to heal the wounds of others, both physically and the mentally. There is so much pain in the world that needs to be

I hope my characters bring LOVE
out in people, and inspire HOPE.

Who is your SuperHero?
My superhero passed on some time ago in the form of my dad. He was a mean old bastard and only seemed to yell and curse...but he
also raised all his kids on his own after my mother left. He was a great man, even if he did not know how to say it properly. He never even
considered giving up and always said my siblings and myself could be great. He worked day and night and never once complained about
out situation of living in poverty. He also made sure that the pressure was never on us and shouldered it himself. Like I said, he was a
mean old bastard, but he was my mean old bastard.

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My name is Paul Charles
and I was born to a

trailer trash Alabama
family of four. I had 2
biological sisters & one
stepbrother and my dad.

Growing up I usually

liked to play
Transformers & try
get anything superhero
related as much as

I possibly could.