by Herb Sosa

Called “a masterpiece of enormous artistic and intellectual
quality” by El Molino, La Casa Azul was co-written and
produced by his music director, Mau Quiros, and mixed by
Grammy Award-winning engineer Felipe Tichauer. The
originals on the album explore topics ranging from the life
of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo to commentary on the
hypocrisy of the world’s dictators. Lyrically filled with
metaphors and references to art, culture and poetry, the
album really reflects the depth of thought he has invested
in his craft.
You can preview it here:

While I understand there are many
accomplished and inspiring LGBT
artists out there, some of whom
may be releasing albums as well,
I wanted to tell you Migguel’s
unique and inspiring story.

Migguel’s career as an actor, dancer, singer, songwriter,
poet and painter has spanned over two decades. He was a
Latin American theater star; starting as a child touring with
various theater companies throughout South America.

He took a break from acting to travel where he landed in
Germany, his grandfather’s homeland. To fulfill his desire
to perform and make money, Migguel took to busking on
the streets where he was discovered and invited to study
opera at the Conservatory of Music in Cologne. After
completing his studies, Migguel toured for three years in
a leading role in Fame until he grew tired and restless.
He moved to the US to work in the laundry room of a hotel in Cape Cod and learn English, his life as a successful stage actor and trained
opera singer now seemed like a distant memory.

Migguel then moved to Miami to pursue a career in acting; he landed roles, but there was something missing. He then fell in love with a
New Yorker and began to split his time between Miami and New York City; truly inspired by the richness of New York’s culture, art, and
music, Migguel wrote and recorded his first album, followed by his second and forthcoming, La Casa Azul.

When he made the permanent move to New York City to be with his partner in late 2013, Migguel knew he was home. Between the
subways, the people, the art, even the trash on the streets, Migguel was inspired to paint, write poetry and music, and start performing
again. In the last year, he has performed for sold-out audiences at Joe’s Pub and BAMcafé, and garnered the interest and support of
publications like Huffington Post, Vanidades, Latin Post and Broadway World. Now, Migguel is poised to release his album, La Casa
Azul, and achieve stardom once again.

We sit down with MIGGUEL for a one on one:

Migguel, it’s been a while since you performed in Miami – Tell us what you have been up to?
It’s been an exciting time!  I have been performing a lot at Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater in New York City.  It’s such a special place,
and beyond the history of incredible artists that have graced the stage there and the staff that are just wonderful, the Public Theater really
champions difference – artists that don’t fit the mold of expectations and are breaking new ground.   I feel blessed to have their support
and am working towards our next show there on June 23rd.

I have also recently gotten back from a
tour in the Midwest where I perform
with a wonderful group called The
Oblivion Project.  The ensemble
showcases the music of the composer
Astor Piazzola, and I am their guest
vocalist.  We will be doing more
shows in the Midwest and New
York over the summer and the shows
are really special.

What should we expect from your
latest, La Casa Azul?
I’m very proud of the album.  We’ve
been working with strings as our core
and introducing electronic sounds in
an organic way.  Mau Quiros and I
were inspired by so many influences
that mash up quite nicely – opera,
pop, Latin folk music, classical, tango.  
The songs range from a narrative on
the life of one of my idols, Frida Kahlo
to a cover of Whitney Houston’s “I
Wanna Dance With Somebody,”
reinterpreted as a moving ballad.  
All of the songs are in Spanish except
for two that are in English.

What’s the vibe of the music, and where the title come from?
The songs vary quite widely in mood.  The lyrics of all the songs are quite poetic and the sound is very lush.

Some songs are rousing anthems like “Inmigrantes” which is both a party and a political statement:  We are all immigrants.  From the
moment we leave our mother’s wombs, we are all immigrants.  Then we go to the other end of the spectrum with a song like "Te Daré
(I'll Give)" which is a delicate, lilting love song about giving everything you can to those you love.  The title of the album is also the first
track on the record.  “La Casa Azul (Blue House)”  refers to the home in which Frida Kahlo lived in Mexico.

You write, sing, perform… What would you say is your first love, and why?
Oh, I love it all, but I suppose my first love is singing live.  Singing on stage, feeling the audience – that’s what I LOVE.

One of your earliest stage performances was a Pinocchio. What can we all learn from this character?
Pinocchio became a real boy – THAT was his dream.  I have learned that if you wish hard enough, if you WORK hard enough, dreams
can come true.  I believe that.

Tell me about life in Venezuela?
This is a very sad subject for me. You know, I love my country, but I am very saddened and angry by the corruption, the crime, the hostility,
the violence, and what seems like an inability for the people to band together to make change happen.  My song
"Muñecas Cobardes
(Craven Dolls)," is an anthem speaking against the militaristic horrors of human existence, inspired by the situation in my country.

There is not a single night that goes by that I don’t watch the TV classic
Golden Girls.  I learned English from watching the show, and honestly, I just
love it so much.  Every night, every time I fly on a plane, I watch Golden Girls.

Tell me 3 things you CAN’T live without?
Love, music, and dreams

What is your idea of Paradise?
If I could be performing for large audiences on the great stages
of the world throughout every year, I would be a very happy artist.
That’s paradise – being the artist that you dream to be.

Is there anyone special in your life? Art they involved in your
career? Or is that a good idea for any performer?
One of the big angels in my life is my husband David Stark.  
He is very supportive of my career and also very involved, but
he and I work well together.  He gives me the space to be the
artist that I want and need to be while helping me navigate the
business aspects of making creative moves.  It’s not easy for
anyone. We work at it, and I am thankful for the partnership we

When will we see you in Miami again?
Very soon!  We are looking for the right venue to bring our show
to as we speak.  We are dying to be performing in Miami, also
my home!


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