ROXXXY Rocks RuPaul's Drag Race as the Queen of Controversy
by George Regz

Born Michael Feliciano, but you may know him as the spicy
latina Drag Queen on everybody's lips this season. From
her wig-tearing tricks to her bitter rivalry with "fan favorite"
Jinkx Monsoon, this member of "ROLASKATOX" Dishes the
"T" on Jinkx and Detox as she rocks the competition all the
way to the finale! Does ROXXXY ANDREWS have what it
takes to be the Next DRAG SUPERSTAR? Checkout this
exclusive interview and Tune in Monday May 6th @9pm on
LOGO TV For the Live Finale!

Where are you from? Where did you grow up? What is
your Nationality?
I'm from North Miami Beach I lived there till I was 13 years
old and I am Cuban and Puerto Rican.

Discuss the first time you got into drag? What was
running through your head? Where did you go? How did
others react? How did you feel?
The first time I did drag was for Halloween back in 2004 or
2005 I was completely scared I went to the Parliament
House and people thought I was really pretty but in all reality,
when I look at pictures, I was a hot mess!!!

What or Who influences your style of drag? Do you have a
drag mother? Were you taught a certain way of how to
carry yourself as a "drag/pageant queen?"  
My big influences are a lot of the Continental girls: Mimi
Marks, Erica Andrews, Erika Norell, Tasha Long, many of
those girls. I've been doing drag now for about eight years.
No one really taught me how to act, my biggest influence
was my drag mother Erica Andrews she passed away in
March of this year and I miss her terribly but she was
everything to me best friend, counselor, a mother, and I miss
her very much. She welcomed me to to the house of
ANDREWS! She taught me how to be an Andrews; To be a
legend, to be iconic, and to be a superstar!

When you are in drag is it an alter-ego that takes over?
I'm very much myself when I'm in drag it's not an alter ego
it's not an escape I am very myself just acting a different part.

The Tear-away wig moment was perhaps one of Roxxxy's most iconic highlights of season 5 what was it like to lip-sync for your life in
front of Rupaul during that episode? Elaborate on your emotions during that moment and also explain how the idea to pull that off
came about. Did you already sense you were in the bottom 2?
Lip-synching for your life is something you never want to do it was one of the most scariest moments but at the same time this is your
chance to show what you do. The fact that you have it to do it in front of Rupaul does not make it any easier! She's a legend! I knew that
comedy was not my thing and there would be a chance that I would be in the bottom two. We also knew our song would be "Whip my hair"
and I was not going to be able to whip the hair that I Had on So if I was going to be in the bottom I had to have a Plan B to rip off that wig and
go into one that I can flip like crazy! So it was planned absolutely!

Did you ever think you would make it to the top 3 on Rupaul's Drag Race? What inspired
you to want to try out?
Going in I knew I was going to be a strong competitor and that I would make it to the top three.
I definitely underestimated the competition and it was a lot harder than I thought it was going
to be. I tried out because I knew that I would be a fierce competitor! This is my second time
trying out for the show the casting process was a long process but it was worth every minute.

How has this season been different from all the other seasons you've seen on tv?
This season was different for me because I actually had to live it not just watch it on TV It's
definitely not as easy as it looks at times.

Explain your history with Detox prior to and while on the show... Are you just "sisters" or is
there some kind of romantic chemistry going on there? How has this relationship evolved?
Me and Detox are completely just friends I would give her the shirt off of my back and I will
forever be thankful to be able to have shared this experience with her.

Are you single? How has doing drag affected you when it comes to dating? What kind of
guys do you go for? Have you ever dated another drag queen? Explain.
I am very single I have dated another drag queen- my type is White boy's, Latin boys, just boys
in general!
I like guys that are confident but not cocky and there's a big difference. It's hard finding a
boyfriend because most guys don't like to date drag queens gay guys could be cruel at times!

Was forming "ROLASKATOX" an advantage or disadvantage for this competition? *By the
Sugar Ball episode did you guys plan to work together to knock off Jinkx Monsoon?
NO. Rolaskatox was merely just friends making a name for our friendship nothing more it was
not a "click."

Roxxxy Andrews: Controversial Queen? or Misunderstood? Let the viewers have it about
the way you were portrayed on the show and how you really feel about people calling you
a "Mean Girl" or "Bully."
What I said on the show was played I don't blame it on editing. I AM a pageant girl and knew I had to say what I had to say to get underneath
her skin, She was my biggest competition! Am I a bully absolutely not was I harsher than I wanted to be? Absolutely, and I did apologize for
it and I believe that I was wrong for treating her the way I did because she is an amazing person. If I could go back I would've definitely
changed the way I acted towards her.

Why should you win this season? ...and If you do not win,
after this experience--- who would you like to see win the
season 5 crown and why?
I should win this season because I fought hard I excelled in
challenges that were not comfortable for me and I'm repping
the big girls, the Latin girls, and everybody else... And I feel that
I did a damn good job. To me I am a superstar and always will
be! If I don't win I want Jinkx to win because she showed that
she's just as worthy as I am! A Fierce competitor!

I have learned a lot from
the show especially that
drag is not 'just' my way
there's a lot of different
types of drag and they
are just as good as my
drag. I learned that you
don't always have to be
perfect you can make fun
of yourself and have
people laugh and be
comedic and just overall
have a good time. You don't always have to be a Barbie
you can actually have a personality too.

What are the perks of being on Rupaul's Drag Race?
The perks of being on RuPaul Drag Race is that you become
a celebrity; you get to meet people, people fall in love with you
and the money is not always bad either.

What can we expect from you at the May 6th reunion? (any
topics unresolved?)
At the reunion you will just have to wait and see what happens
But it's going to be good.

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to get into drag?
Or maybe any queen wanting to try out for season 6?
Definitely be your self don't try to be what you think they want
you to be because that's not the right way. And if you get on the
show please for gods sake think twice before you speak

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
-In five years I see myself with my own shoe line! I love shoes
I've always wanted to be a shoe designer and I want to save
my money to
start my line... So stay tuned!

For Bookings Contact: RoxxxyAndrews@aol.com

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Me and Detox
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