at all this year...I’m kinda bored.”

JC:        It kinda reinforces my feeling that today’s pop-acts are
again a heavily
contrived product of the label system.  Doesn’t it make you mad that these
upstarts are getting so much attention, and one leg up on their careers?

BK:        “Angry?!  Good for them for getting the attention that they are getting!  
Anger would tape up way too much of my energy.  I wanna be successful at
what I do -- and I can’t walk around angry at everyone else for being

JC:        I just can’t ignore the fact at how phony it all looks to me, and that
makes me angry.  These acts look and feel like they’re already fabricated.

BK:        “There’s always been people out there that weren’t particularly that
talented; they had a sound, or a look -- but the were made into something.”

JC:        It takes great dedication on the part of the independent artist to
continue to make the music that the fans want to hear from them.

BK:        “I have faith in myself as an artist.”
JC:        And now you’re back in the studio working on new material for your
next album.

BK:        “It’s always scary going back in and especially after the
album -- the album did well -- and then you think
                       you have to go in and you have to top yourself; you
                       have to make it better!  I put too much pressure on
.    MARCH | MARZO 2010

Brian Kent | Finding His Way
By JC Alvarez

Controversy.  It seems as if in order to get any attention on the pop-culture radar these
days you have to build up to some sort of musical event...some incredible
for a duet, an unprecedented mini-movie of a music video -- anything that is so
utterly orgasmic that people will be talking about it for days!  There was once a time
when it was simply all about the music, but the demand and attention being given to
over-the-top live performance stage spectacles, and the mad marketing needed to
educate an impressively fickle audience; today’s pop acts are having to take leaps and
bounds in their creative ventures to prove they’ve got the goods.  And leading the pack
among them is Brian Kent.

Already in the studio preparing the follow-up to his debut hit
Breathe Life (the album
touted 3 hit dance singles and helped win Kent the award for
Best Dance Song at this
year’s OUTMusic Awards) Brian and reflected on the pop music scene and the trials
and tribulations of the independent dance artist making their way through the quagmire
of today’s in flux music industry.

JC:         So are you hating this year’s crop of
American Idols as much as I am?

BK:        “ disappointing.  We’re pretty much told
what’s popular.  Each person has there own niche -- but I don’t
think these contestants are very good.  An
American Idol
should be someone who is well rounded, somebody who can
perform in every genre and still be different.  I don’t see that

LGBT/Latino/Hispanic Civil

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Miami Beach
April 17, 2010


JC:        You’re also writing your own music this time out.

BK:        “I might have ideas but having them materialize is a whole other thing.  
The only thing that I know how to do is write when it
feels real.  It has to be
organic.  You have to pray that it just sounds right.  I’ve been really lucky.”

JC:        The new single that you have now is called “I’ll Find a Way”.  It as
inspired by your grandmother and her courage facing breast cancer so late in
her life.

BK:        “I was inspired by her confidence.  I was just amazed that she just kept
finding a way to get through everyday and make it happen.”

JC:        Most artist nowadays are recording “message songs”, especially in
the gay community.  Everybody is trying to express something whether they are
fed up, angry, or madly in love!

BK:        “You can have this really heavy message, but the stuff that is doing
well is the simple stuff -- sometimes that light fun stuff is just helping people
let go.  And that in itself has it’s own message -- get away from all that reality
and annoying stuff.  That’s the beauty in music.  There are so many types of

JC:        I love your dance music -- it’s just wonderful hearing a male vocal
powering out a dance anthem, but I know your writing and producing new
tracks.  Can’t we expect more dance hits from you?

BK:        “The first album was more dance based -- I didn’t want to depart too
far, but now I want to be closer and truer to myself and take risks.  Everything
that I’ve contributed so far to the album is all about my life experience -- it’s all
very real to me.
JC:        Whatever the’s genuine!  It’s refreshing and your fans really
love it!

BK:        “It’s an exciting process!  I just wanna be me and do what I know.  It’s
simplistic...and I just love it!”

That simple approach to his art is what’s setting Brian Kent apart from all
those other “American Idols” and continues to propel this Billboard charting
artist on his own path, as he finds his way.

Brian Kent’s new single “I’ll Find a Way” is available on all digital download
mediums and out now, also visit to see where he’ll be
performing live this season.

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Photos by:  Mike Ruiz & Adam Bouska

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