Design & Media Star, Community Activist and 2015 AIDS WALK Miami Grand Marshal
by Herb Sosa

When we last chatted with David in 2008, he had some
strong thoughts on taking & giving.

Bromstad believes it is important to take some time for
yourself along with giving to your work & community.
He always make sure and get into the gym and says its
not a matter of just looking good but I feeling healthy,
physically and mentally - and it shows on his well defined

Another characteristic of the often shirtless or sleeveless
Bromstad is his body ink. "Each tattoo represents a period
of my life.  Each time I look at them I'm reminded of a
period in my life.  So each is significant. My first tattoo is
the dragonfly on my right shoulder.   My 2nd tattoo on my left
arm has three Chinese characters that mean, 'Artist, Painter".
It also has a cross to represent my faith and its all combined
with a tribal design.  The 3rd tattoo on my chest is my badge
for winning design star.  I planning a few more actually.  Just
cant decide what to get first.  ;-) "

Bromstad also has dedicated a lot of his time and talents to
various charities, and this year we are thrilled to have him as
the Grand Marshall of the AIDS Walk Miami on April 26th.

What does being the AIDS Walk Miami 2015 Grand
Marshall mean to you?
This is a true honor and privilege to be selected as Grand
Marshal for the AIDS Walk Miami 2015. This disease impacts
everyone.  It's not a gay disease, it's an everyone disease, it's
something that affects all of us as humans on this great earth.  
So many have lost their lives,  and although we have come so
far with research and medicine, the fight has just begun.  
A couple of years ago, I lost a friend to this disease. His name
was John Appelbee.  A wonderful man who lost the battle and
lost his life way too soon.  This year,  I WALK not only for him,
but for everyone who has HIV, those with Aids, the families and
friends who have lost loved ones and for the children, brothers
and sisters and moms and dads all over this country and the world. Lets walk together, lets be one step closer to ending this terrible

How has HIV/AIDS affected your life/friends/colleagues?
Most definitely.  As mentioned, one of our friends lost his life a couple of years ago. He fought for a long time and eventually could not
fight anymore.  I have so many friends and acquaintances in my life who have been affected. It's time to WAKE UP.  We need to educate
ourselves and end this disease once and for all.

You got your start right here in South Beach. How often do you get back here, and what do you like the most about it?
Miami Beach is my home.   Although I travel a lot for work, it's where I live and consider home base.   Miami is a melting pot of so many
cultures and lifestyles.  I adore the culture, I love the weather, the beautiful beaches, the architecture and the energy of Miami.  It's a place
that is very special and unique in so many ways.  

Tell us what the “Bromstad Style” is…inspirations, colors, shapes, materials, etc.
My design style is definitely eclectic with a touch of whimsy.  Shapes, how could you not love shapes?  I love them all!  Colors, now you
know I just love every color.   Many people ask what my favorite color is and I can won't ever answer that.   It's like asking a parent who
their favorite child is.  You don't have one, you love them each in a different way.  Same same rule applies to me for color.  I love them all!  
My inspirations come from everywhere and all my life experiences.  I remember being in Mykonos with my friends and seeing this
gorgeous flower.  When I came back home, I did a collection of art based off of that one inspiration.  Inspiration is everywhere for me.

I never leave the house without my sunglasses.  EVER!   
We all know that bags are not attractive unless it's a Louis!  
Those shades are with me everywhere!

What are your 3 favorite possessions?
My favorite possessions are not material.  My favorite possessions in life are my family, my friends and my dogs.  Family, friends and my
pups are my strength and refuge.   They never fail me and are always there when I need a bit of encouragement or strength.  I'm very
fortunate to be blessed with these possessions.  This is what life is really about.

You have developed various amazing collections. What do you still want to design & produce?
I want to design and produce anything and everything that I can put my creative hands on.   I have been very lucky with the opportunity to
dabble in so many different areas with my career.  I have had such amazing moments so far and more to come!  My art collection is
available with
Pennylane, A women's shoe collection with Naturalizer, Bedding and Bath collection with 1888 Mills, a wonderful
partnership with
Nestle, a line of luggage soon to come and most recently, which I'm so excited over, is my own indoor and outdoor
furniture collection with G
randinroad.   I could not be happier!   Creativity is universal and relates to everything.  One interesting area,  that
I have just started to play with a little is food industry.  Last year, I had an amazing opportunity to design bottles for
Coffeemate for their
vanilla and hazelnut flavors. The bottles used my personal artwork and were sold exclusively at Target.  That was AMAZING, but there is
more to come I promise!

What should the world expect from you in the next 10 years. What do YOU expect from yourself in the next 10 years?
I want to be happy in whatever I do.  I have been so fortunate in my career and never thought I would be where I am at today.  In 10 years,  
no matter where I am in life or what I have......I want to be happy. Success always follows happiness.

Has being in the media been a positive thing for you personally? How has it changed your life – those around you?
The media has  definitely changed my life.  It has been a positive experience for me and has helped mold who I am today as an artist
and designer.   Yes, there are times when the media has been unforgiving, but that can only be expected.  You have to take the good with
the bad, learn from the bad and make the bad AMAZING!

How important is your personal image/looks to the success of your brand?
You know,  since winning Design Star,  I have always been who I am.  I remember someone
had told me to "tone it down" on television.  Well, that certainly did not happen obviously.  
I am who I am because I never lost who I was.   Struggling as a young child/teen
really impacted me in a profound way.   I will not hide, will not be embarrassed,
will not run nor will I ever change who I am to please anyone.  
I am the same way in person as the one you see in the media and on
television.  This is David Bromstad, love me or
Bye Felicia! :)

What advice do you have for a young David, wanting to get into
the Design business?
Work, Work, Work!   It's a tough and competitive business, but
do what you love and never give up.   Success is not always
determined by your bank account.   It's determined by the
happiness you have in whatever you do in life.  Be who
you find follow your passion!  If you love what your do
and your good at it, your going to be a huge success.

The worst thing EVER I have seen in someone’s
house is…
The worst thing for me is definitely not the worst
for others.  I respect everyone's own style.  I have
never been horrified by anything.  What I would love to see is people taking more risks, adding more color to their worlds and not being
afraid of change.   That goes for life in general. Bring some love and color and fun in your life.  Live Life, Live YOUR life, have fun but do it
in style!

To me, Style means…YOU!  Who are you?  
What do you like in life.  How you decorate your house, what you
wear, what colors you like, THIS creates your style.  
Be unique, be yourself!  

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