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Ed | The American Solution for Puerto Rico
By Carlos T Mock

“There are only two ways to be Puerto Rican: either you were born
there, or its culture runs through your veins.”
 - Carlos T Mock

It’s been a long time since most Independentistas in Puerto Rico have theorized
that the way for Puerto Rico to achieve its independence would come from
Washington, D. C. They believe that independence would be most convenient to
both The USA and The Republic of Puerto Rico.
 However, The White House Interagency Committee reported on March 16, 2011,
its plans for the colony.  The White House wishes are a two-part referendum: in
the first referendum they would ask Puerto Ricans if they want a continuous
association with the USA, either through Statehood or the Commonwealth (ELA).
The second referendum would ask Puerto Ricans if they desire to brake their
relationship with the USA: either via Independence or a loosely association with
the federal government.  
 In the present Island conditions: dependent, federalized, and traumatized by an
economic crisis never seen before in our generation, the results would lean
toward the first option: decide between Commonwealth and Statehood. This in
part would lead to a virtual tie, giving the powers that be in Washington D. C. an
excuse to do nothing and keep the colony in its present status.
 The American Solution for Puerto Rico is to maintain the colony just the way it
has been for 113 years—not desiring to relinquish the political advantages nor
the commerce the Island provides for the American Republic.

Civil Right

30% Commission

The White House Interagency Committee Report would federalize the island even further.  A new model of
annexation would ensue.  Education, health, security, communications, energy, and even the judicial branch of
the colony would be controlled directly from Washington D. C., as delineated by the Report taking over the
Colony’s internal forms of government.
I’ve always believed that Puerto Rican Independence will only be achieved when Puerto Ricans come as a
nation and decide to personally fight for that end.  It is imperative that the country achieves a Patriotic and
National Unity.  Once we accept that independence will not come from Washington, perhaps we will not only
achieve our Unity, but also we’ll start working on the necessity and viability of a Puerto Rican Republic.  
The next step would be to demand that Puerto Rico be recognized as a Caribbean and Latin American
independent entity.  We would demand the government of the United States to accept its responsibility for
subjecting our country to 113 years of colonialist abuse, to release all of our political prisoners, and we would
ask for indemnification for damages caused to Puerto Rico:
Damages such as: destroying our agriculture, using our land for military bases without paying for them,
sacrificing our youth as lab rats in their imperialistic wars, the poisonous damage to the Vieques and Culebra
residents caused by the US Navy target practice in those islands, forcing us to use their merchant marine at
higher prices as they impede our commerce with the rest of the world, and finally taking the productive and
working soul of our people and turning them into unproductive and useless individuals.
We propose to use the millions of dollars from this indemnification to establish the nascent Republic of Puerto
Rico and to repair the damage of 113 years of colonial abuse.

Dr. Mock has published four books with Floricanto Press, Berklety, CA. His articles have appeared on
publications like The Chicago Tribune and several other newspapers.  He can be reached at:

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