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“Torre Mas Flores”| Interview with Robert Gonzalez

By Armando Diaz
Photography by Mike Ruiz, John Gress, and Frank Louis

Mr. Robert Gonzalez is an interesting combination of elements, the most prominent (I
feel) is his admiration for all that is vivid and prismatic in the world.  He tailors this
fondness into a perfection of style, beauty and sensuality that allows the viewer a
glimpse into his mind and soul.  

Then there is the element of dedication, this is essential not only for his unique brand of
floral masterpieces, but also for the obvious training that goes into his carved male
physique.  You wouldn't think to put the two in the same arena at first.  You visualize the
soft, delicate petals and blossoms of a flower, with the solid, broad and muscular
brawn of a man’s body.  Somehow though, with Robert Gonzalez, the provocative-ness
and impact of the two worlds makes sense.  

Late in the afternoon, I was very appreciative to be able chat with Robert after an already
busy day he was having in the Big Apple, finishing up a photo shoot and running
through the cold winter insanity the country is having this year.

Armando | How are doing you today?
Robert | Very good I can’t complain, it’s
a rainy day here.  It’s snowing and raining
in New York City but it’s all good!
Armando | Do you speak
Robert | Si claro, hablo espaňol

Armando |  Muy bien, I’m sorry do
you go by Roberto or Robert
which do you prefer?
Robert |  Robert.

Armando | Robert, I want to thank
you on behalf of AMBIENTE and
all our readers, por esta
oportunidad para conocerte un
poco mejor.
Robert | No, thank you!

Armando | Your interest in floral
design started around age 14,
were flowers a family business?
Robert | Actually it grew to be a
family business.  I grew up in a
home where there was a flower
shop in the back of the house,
and that was basically my
playground where the


LGBT/Latino/Hispanic Civil

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Miami Beach
April 17, 2010


flower shop was…so I've been
around flowers ever since I was
little.  What we were doing in the
family was more party planning
and events…the floral design
developed even more after I
moved to the States.

Armando | Roberto what sign are
Roberto |  I’m a Leo..

Armando | <laughs>
Roberto | <laughs> un leon.

Armando | Bueno sabemos que
eres Venezolano de que parte?  
Roberto | De Maracaibo.

Armando | Crees que la belleza
natural de Venezuela impacto tu
aprecio para las flores?
Robert | O si definitivamente, las
casas, la cultura es muy
I go nuts.  Any kind of cake I love, and when I do get the chance I’ll eat cake,
pastries, and you know all that stuff I should not be eating.

Armando | So we’re talking sweet tooth?
Robert | <laughs> Yes! I think all us Venezuelans have a sweet tooth!

Armando | What do you listen to if anything while working out? Do you currently
have a favorite song?
Robert |Well Lady GaGa right now is my favorite, I have a couple of remixes,
one by Rafi Rosario and one by DJ Paulo.

Armando | Which track are the mixes of?
Robert | It’s “Bad Romance” that’s my favorite one right now. I have a podcast
of DJ Paulo, I listen to him a lot….I love his drums…the Latin influence he puts
into his music…that’s what really makes me move when I’m in the gym.

Armando | Cual es tu favorite color?
Robert | Oh God, all colors are my favorite…I love all colors.  You can’t ask that
of a florist, we love all colors.  When it comes to how I dress I’ll go more blues
and blacks, but when it comes to my work I use and love all colors.

Armando | Your now infamous photo shoot with Vanessa Williams, (which
was beautiful by the way..)
Robert | Thank you!

Armando |…seems to be the catapult for your fashion, flowers, and hair angle.  
Have the offers just been pouring in since then?
Robert | Yes I've been getting many more requests from photographers,
magazine editors, that they want some of those “beauty shots”, which is what
we call them, incorporated into the magazine or into their portfolio.
Armando | That’s wonderful.

Armando | If you could tell me a little about working with Harpo Productions
and the Oprah Winfrey Show, how did that come about?
Robert | Well I did an arrangement for her, for her 50th birthday and I guess
she was very impressed the way the arrangement was put together, the colors
were great.  So I got a call from Miss Winfrey and I was asked to create the
arrangements for her personal and executive areas (upstairs offices) and it
was fun…it was a great experience and I loved working with them.

Armando | There’s been talk about you starring in your own reality show, can
you tell us a just little about that because I love surprises!
Robert | <laughs> Well I can’t talk too much about that right now, because it’s
all in talks…nothing concrete but we’re working on it!

I think it would be interesting for people to see how an
arrangement gets created up to when it gets delivered.
There is so much that goes into one simple
arrangement…a floral studio there can be a lot going on
especially when you’re working with different designers…
it can be…interesting <laughs>   
- Robert Gonzalez

Armando |And you still actively compete in bodybuilding contests?  
Robert | Yes, yes.

Armando | Any coming up?
Robert | I’m doing one in the spring, hopefully if my body responds well to my
diet…but yeah I can’t wait I can’t wait for that, I just love watching my body
transform it’s a big draw for me.
colorful.  It’s very colorful in my country so this has a big impact in how I arrange
my flowers.  My style is very colorful and very bright, I operate with a “color block”
which means all the flowers of the same color go in the same spot, and that’s
basically how all the homes are painted in my country…yellow and oranges and
purples…very colorful.

Armando | Your design process has been described as “from bloom to zoom”,
out of your creations do you have a favorite design so far?
Robert | A favorite design…my God every project is so different…and I put my
whole heart into it…so I don’t think I have a favorite one.  I always come up with
different concepts, ideas and I always end up loving it.  It always has to be the
best, I feel I am only as good as the last one.

Armando | Do you ever come up with any of these incredible concepts during a
workout? Like do Triceps equal Tulips or do Daisies equal Delts?
Robert | <laughs> No that’s two totally different mindsets for me,

Armando | Ok.
Robert | When I’m working out, it’s very straight forward, I don’t think of anything
else but the muscles I’m working out.  When I’m working with flowers, I’m only
thinking about colors, contrasting textures…it’s two completely different concepts
to me one has nothing to do with the other.

Armando| Two totally different planets, gotcha.

Armando | Dedication is key to both those worlds, so I am guessing your eating
habits are very disciplined. Do you have a favorite comfort food, when you do eat?

Robert | When I do eat? Oh my God yes!

Armando |<laughs>
Robert | I…my…ok, cakes, I…cakes are my weakest point.  If I see a cake
Armando | If you could give (1) piece of advice to our readers about eating as
related to the bodybuilding what would it be?
Robert | Well with guys, especially guys…we tend to retain the fat around the
waist, we all do and I do…so I think the only way to get rid of that is by doing
some good cardio in the morning before you eat, so you kick start your
metabolism and that’s the only way to burn the fat around your waist.  And if you
do it for (16) weeks straight …it will completely fall off.  

Armando | So by cardio you mean running…
Robert | Actually I don’t run, I get on my treadmill and set the speed to about 3.5
x and I walk fast.  I don’t run b/c I’m too heavy and that would hurt my knee.
Armando |  Right.
Robert | That’s what I've done for many years and my body responds incredibly
to that. Before eating your breakfast that;s what I do…protein shake then I jump
on my treadmill.
Armando | Good advice.

Armando |Roberto do you have a favorite part of your body?
Robert | It’s all a work in progress <laughs>…I guess I love the way my legs
are, my legs are kind of big…I’ve always been very active, so I would say my
Armando | Well with legs like that, tu juegas o jugaste futbol en algun tiempo?

Robert | Si cuando estaba en la escuela juge futbol, but it wasn’t my sport. I
was kicked around and run over…I guess I wasn;t aggressive enough for the

Armando | You also model, and I myself have seen some of your powerful and
sensual photo series.
Robert |  <laughs> yes.

Armando | Roberto, is that you when you look into the camera, powerful yet
sensual, muscles yet flowers… I guess my question is if you were a flower
which would you be?

Robert | Si cuando estaba en la escuela juge futbol, but it wasn’t my sport. I
was kicked around and run over…I guess I wasn;t aggressive enough for the

Armando | You also model, and I myself have seen some of your powerful and
sensual photo series.
Robert |  <laughs> yes.
Armando | Roberto, is that you when you look into the camera, powerful yet sensual,
muscles yet flowers… I guess my question is if you were a flower which would you be?

Robert| I would be a sunflower definitely, because it’s very powerful, very colorful…they
love the Sun, I love the Sun…I’m a Leo you know so definitely I would be a sunflower.

Armando | What is the one place in the world you want to visit?
Robert |I would say India or Egypt…India the culture is so colorful and I just love
everything about it…very amazing country.

Armando | What would you like the world to know about Roberto Gonzalez?
Robert |  I would say when I meet people, I may come across as maybe stand offish,
but it’s really that I’m a very shy guy…that’s what I want them to know that …he’s a very
shy guy.

Armando | Eres un leoncito entonces?
Robert |  Yeah, yeah un leoncito pequeñito

Es dudoso que cualquier ambicion relacionada con Robert
sea pequeña. Su personalidad, su creatividad, su talento,
sino también su increíble humildad, son aspectos de un
individuo bien redondeado y dedicado  - lleno, de energía
y de vida.  
This was of course a great opportunity to chat with a uniquely put together and down
to earth man, whose discipline has paid off absolutely.  Robert is well on the way to
the far edges of success, blazing a trail of color, beauty and power alongside the
Sun, which he loves so much.  


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