Ronald | I woke up hungry thinking about food. It is normally the first thing on my mind,
“What to eat for breakfast?”

A | What'd you have for breakfast?

R |  Honey Bunches of Oats. I bought Kashi’s protein and fiber cereal and can’t wait to
try them out!

A | Now, unbelievably you've been dedicated to photography for less than 3 years.  Who
or what have been your primary teachers to arrive where you are at now?

R | My dual studies in Applied Physics and Pre-pharmacy did not go to waste—they’re
being utilized and converted to an alternative form of education towards comprehension
and grammar of light—photography!

A  | Do you find you have a particular style or method to your photography, or are you
continuously experimenting?

R  | I have several visual motifs that are consistently associated with me. To improve is
to evolve and experimentation is the catalyst.

A |  What would you say is your favorite editing technique, ie. calculations, channel

R | “Get it right in-camera so I could edit properly” would be my favorite technique.  I
value all the tools in my toolbox that is Photoshop.

                                                     A | Do you prefer a sunrise or a sunset and why?

                                                     R | I like sunrises because they’re associated
                                                     with “new beginnings.”
Ronald concluye, “Quiero animar a cualquier
persona que esté pensando en "chasing dreams",
que actualizen el lema de Nike "Just Do It!" Y
mantener esa actitud”.

Ronald ha tenido hasta la fecha, siete portadas
con editoriales funciónales en un total de catorce
publicaciones. Ha sido publicado por todo el

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Ronald N. Tan no ha estado en la industria de la fotografía mucho tiempo.
Agosto 2009 fue su segundo año en la fotografía. Ronald dice , "Estoy agradecido a
los muchos talentos y profesionales que me ayudaron en mi camino." A pesar de su
crecimiento corto y acelerado, Ronald es very experienciado y conocido en técnicas
avanzadas de Photoshop, (tales como, el enmascaramiento, la mezcla de canales,
corrección de color, y los cálculos).

El “coming out” de Ronald el 30 de enero del 2006 le dio el valor, la fuerza y la
confianza para seguir a su corazón, dejando a los académicos un capítulo cerrado
en su vida. Otro fotógrafo amigo de Ronald, Jonathan Camarero (a quien conoció en
MySpace en 2006 y con quien se dio la mano en 2007) lo animó.

Ronald sigue, que nos diga en su blog, "he leído la portada del manual de
Photoshop de principio a fin y tambien he experimentado. Usando el Internet
( para educarme en tutoriales, hasta que encontré alguna tecnica
que me gusto. Yo he recibido capacitación formal en Física Aplicada y la Pre-
farmacia, pero persegui mi sueño de ser un fotógrafo. Yo soy muy ambicioso, asiduo
con mi vida profesional y la ética de trabajo.

Ronald se trasladó a Los Angeles el 19 de mayo del 2007. El comenco a ser
representado en Los Ángeles y París, Francia con Artists Representatives en agosto
del 2009. Con su nuevo estatus de artista representado, se mudó de regreso a San
Francisco para intentar su arte alli.    APRIL | ABRIL 2010

PERSONAL PROJECT | The exploration of East Indian men
through the lens of photographer Ronald N. Tan

by Armando Diaz        
Photography provided by Ronald N. Tan

Ronald is currently involved in what he hopes to be a visual anthology of his
explorations in male sexuality with images that are more erotic and daring, however
well within the realm of class. His Chinese-Burmese culture placed sexual restrictions
on Ronald and his growing up, he was conditioned to think otherwise--sexual taboos,
etc. Tentatively titled, "Personal Project", it features a regal exploration on the male
sexuality challenging and exploring his own comfort levels. Personal Project originally
focuses on Ronald’s studies with East-Indian men, because they are as he puts it, his

Ronald states, “I find Indian men sexy and beautiful. I love everything Indian--food,
music, Bollywood, etc. My friends and I joke that if I were to visit India, the Indian gov't
would have to deport me because I'd never want to leave”!

AMBIENTE Magazine recently had the opportunity to ask the ever-rising photographer a
few questions, and we appreciated his time.

Armando | Ronald thank you so much for your
time, it's a pleasure to meet you.

Armando |  How are you feeling today?


LGBT/Latino/Hispanic Civil

Fresh-Squeezed Paradise

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Miami Beach GAY
April 17, 2010

70's Inspired

A |You have a fascination with the East Indian culture, in particular the beautiful East
Indian men.  What are you trying to bring out in your captures of them, what is it you want
to convey to the viewer?

R | Part of my goal with “Personal Project” is satisfying my curiosities and what better
way to explore than with the people whom are brought up in a similar manner. I also
want the viewing audience to know that colored (ethnic men) can be just as sexy and
beautiful. Although I find all men beautiful, my heartstrings naturally resonate for them. 

A |  Do you have an all time favorite movie?

R| I don’t have a favorite. Any movie that encourages, scintillates, or
inspires us to be better is all good.  

A |  How do you like San Francisco?

R |  I am still getting used to it. At least I am with family.

A |  When photographing a model, what feature is the first to draw you?
  Does it depend?

 R |  The face! Everyone knows how muscles look like, but not everyone
know [insert name]’s face look like. A sexy body with a great face that
will sell the product being advertised.

 A | How does photographing male beauty help you understand yourself

R |  I am gay. I’ve made peace with that part of myself on January 30, 2006.
Photographing a subject that intrigues and fascinates me brings me out of
my shell. If you saw image excerpts from Personal Project, I surprised myself!
The other side of me has been repressed by my Burmese/Chinese culture.
A |  Spring is coming up, do you have a favorite fashion designer or line?

R |  I don’t have any particular favorites. I should pay more attention to
Mens fashion designers.

A |  Do you have someone in your life right now that gives you special

R  | Not yet. Call me traditional, but I am also saving myself for Mr. Right!
Trying to make it as a photographer is more important for me. Photography
 is my lifeblood and passion. We’ll see where I would go with my lack of a
      social dating life!

                 A | Describe to me a dream capture, I mean elements, details...
                 any internal visual dreams you'd like to actualize through your

                 R |  I would like to have a Bollywood-inspired fashion shoot with
               women. India’s fashion scene is unique and interesting.
When being asked to come out and play, I am like, “Wow! I never knew I was capable of
making those kinds of photographs!”

A |  So you're now requested internationally, doing magazine covers from Spain to
Australia. Tell us a little more about joining under Artists Representatives?

R |  I’ve been with Artists Representatives since August 2009. It was Roxanne Dauer
(my rep) that initiated contact. It was a miracle how my editors find me and commission
me work. I hope to visit India one of these days…though I am afraid I might never want
to leave…. 

A | Where do you see Ronald Tan in (5) years?

R |  I’d like to see myself evolving, challenged, and refined.