Their respective kiosks gave new meaning to the word “interactive”, but the experience
was tantalizing for sure, and opened the door to cross promote The Hookies: The
International Escort Awards which were hosted on March 19, by none other than late-
night legend Raven O.  At the expo, the contenders of the various categories strutted
their virility for an equally vigorous audience.

Dominic Ford adult film studio introduced and wowed the crowd with the (slightly)
innovative look at hardcore adult films in grand-spanking new 3D, but James Cameron
hasn’t anything to worry about.  Avatar and it’s ten-feet tall blue jungle folk may be leaps
and bounds beyond what the porn industry may have in mind, but audiences can at
least feel like you’re part of the action -- and keep a safe distance when this film
climaxes!  That sample of Boy Butter that was professionally sampled and applied by a
charming and informative vendor did not go to waste!

The Black Party Expo not only brought together exhibitors ranging from Spank Magazine
and The Village Voice, but it also gave artists like celebrity photographer Joe
Oppedisano and fashion-craftsmen like The Leather Man an opportunity to service a
captive audience.  The event also benefited awareness of the (Men’s) Sexual Health
Project providing free HIV & STD testing and emergency exposure referral as well as the
distribution of safe sex paraphernalia.

But for those 5,000 expected party revelers that were preparing themselves for the 31st
Annual event which this year provided music by renowned DJ’s Hector Fonseca, Paulo
and Ana Paula, the biggest draw of the expo was a preview of the evening’s theme and
the going-ons backstage as
muscly, sweaty crews prepared the Roseland Ballroom for
it’s transformation!

                                                       Choosing an aesthetic for perhaps the sexiest
                                                       dance party of the season was the daunting
                                                       task of scenic designer Adam Koch.
                                                       Accustomed to outfitting Broadway and opera
                                                       stages with his modernistic approach, Koch and    APRIL | ABRIL 2010

Getting Your Gear On at the Black Party Expo!
by JC Alvarez

New York City.  Every spring the most red-blooded and robust, ruggedly built of the
male persuasion ascend on New York City to celebrate the rites of spring for the Saint
at Large® legendary affair The Black Party.  For those who hungrily follow the circuit
party scene and prefer their testosterone of only the Grade A variety, this is the hard-
gripping, boot-licking, leather-wielding event that gets the boys (and the bears) out of
hibernation and ready for the sweat lodge of the dance floor!  This year attendees,
and the daringly curious, were given a rare peak behind-the-curtain of what goes into
putting this event together, as well as benefiting some of the city’s most worth while

The Black Party Expo allowed visitors to pick up a few party necessities (not what you’
re thinking) like a set of properly fitted and well crafted leather arm bands, get their
biker boots polished to pristine perfection by an eager and willing shoe shiner,
acquire the perfect technique for delivering that perfect pat on the back, and of course
meet some of the industries most lusted after adult film stars, but overall it was an
opportunity to check out the epic space inside the Roseland Ballroom as it begins it’s
transformation into the sexiest place on the planet!

Alluringly sordid and popular websites
Manhunt and Rentboy were on hand to
proliferate the crowds with their offerings --


LGBT/Latino/Hispanic Civil

Fresh-Squeezed Paradise

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Love and pride Jewelry

Miami Beach GAY
April 17, 2010

70's Inspired

his team had to turn the cavernous Roseland Ballroom into a den of decadence.  “The producer and
director always come in with what they want to see and have an idea for the evening, but as a designer I
have to take parts of that for inspiration.  Whatever we do has to work for the entire evening.  We went for a
more cinematic environment.”  Upon entering the VIP room, those gifted and special enough to get past the
velvet rope are bathed in a red neon glow simulating a Latin back-alley bordello.  “I wanted it to feel like an
abandoned, underground Argentinian cabaret and tango hall,” Koch excitingly explains.  With plush
couches for relaxed lounging or any other given nocturnal activity, the room invitingly kicks off the start of the

As the night progresses, the tone of the party shifts.  The Black Party is known for it’s more moody and
dense, bass-thumping; the type of music that encourages revelers to bump and grind into the wee hours of
the morning.  Koch describes, “The larger night’s theme evokes a stylized prison brutality motif inspired by
Kiss of the Spider-Woman.”  Guards later march in evoking a fascist take over of the grand space as
banners descend from the ceiling supported on metal girders, into what Koch can only describe as a “Nazi-
Disco” -- no offense meant,  but that customizable definition ideally enforces the supremacist and über-
masculine appeal of the elite crowd that attends the Black Party every year almost religiously.

“In theatre you control one view -- what’s on the stage, but here at the Black Party it’s a 360 degree, inter-
active experience.”  Koch’s favorite fixture is the ultra-modern, steel welded disco ball that hovers over the
main dance floor.  “It evokes this feel of an end-of-times -- again Nazi-Disco!”  And there is no denying the
main player of the evening: “It helps that the Roseland Ballroom is in of itself very dark, and sort of
crumbling; it enhances the dark theme of the evening.  It becomes like one big brush stroke.”    

The Black Party Expo is a fascinating view of this annual event and is sure to draw the eager aficionado and
the uninitiated braving the rites of the spring equinox.  Door proceeds went directly to benefiting continued
community health and addiction support services sponsored by The Center: The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual &
Transgender Community Center of New York.

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