Mother Fantasy Invades the Dancefloor with “Army of Love”
The Military Veteran Brings The Papa Party to Washington DC
By Jay Rosoff

The Papa Party is on a mission to produce thirty-three
spectacular gay events in major cities throughout the
world in 2019.  Recent events have taken place in Paris,
Lisbon, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Rotterdam and Lyon.  
On March 15, The Papa Party debuts in Washington
DC at L8DC nightclub with “Army of Love,” a military-
themed event that celebrates  current members of the
US armed forces and veterans.  “We are working to
redefine people's expectations of what makes the best
party in the world,” says founder Eliad Cohen. “We’re
doing it by taking The Papa Party to the hottest cities
on every continent.”

For the DC event, Cohen is partnering with local gay
party producer Q, aka Mother Fantasy, of La Fantasy
Productions.  “I discovered my love for the dance floor
while attending music festivals around the world so
when Eliad approached me with the opportunity to
bring The Papa Party to Washington DC, I seized it,”
Q explains.

34-year old Q is a military
veteran who served in Iraq
and Afghanistan.   
He began his career hosting
private soirees in his penthouse
apartment.   They soon turned
into invite-only after parties
throughout DC.

Today, he is best known for his themed-events.  He
incorporates wild surprises into his parties such as
dancing Chinese dragon, dancers in electric body suits
and exotic entertainers.   “It’s all about creating a
magical experience with exciting surprises that turn
up the wow-factor and leave revelers craving for more,
” he says.    

His last five area events at L8DC – including his most recent “Sex Shop Party” during MAL weekend – sold-out within weeks and were
peppered with nightlife glitterati like Amanda Lepore and Dominique Jackson.

The Papa Party World Tour promises to be Q’s most ambitious undertaking yet. "I have a lot riding on this as eyes from around the globe
will be watching to make sure I do right by Eliad and The Papa Party franchise,” he says.   “You better believe I will not let Papa down.”

Congratulations on securing Papa Party for DC!  What does it mean for DC nightlife to present an international party like Papa in DC?
It means a lot. Washington DC is a small but mighty city.  We are a powerful city that inspires change.  That’s why it was so important that
the theme of our first Papa Party be “Army of Love”.  I wanted to do something that celebrated the current members of our armed forces as
well as our veterans and also helped in our goal to spread love.  After all, we need it now more then ever.

As a former military man, where did you get your party training?  
(Laughing) I guess you can call it on the field training, traveling all over the world, attending music festivals and comingling with
producers and promoters.

Is partying simply in the Latin blood?
I may have agreed with that a few years ago but one thing I’ve learned from my travels is that partying is in everyone's blood. Music is the
universal language. No matter the country or the color of one’s skin, music unites.  It brings everyone together!  It’s a beautiful thing.

Have you experienced Miami’s nightlife?  
Of course!  No party training would be complete without experiencing Miami. I've been to everything from the Winter Party to Ultra Music
Festival, Circuit Miami, Score, Miami Pride.

What did you learn from Miami?
I learned that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to pull off a great event.  You need to be passionate about nightlife or it won't work.

How does DC nightlife measure up to Miami?
DC hosts a nightlife unique to itself.  It is totally different from Miami’s.  It’s hard to pin point but I think a big reason is that our city pulls in a
large military crowd.   The DMV (DC, Virginia and Maryland) area has a lot of military bases and annexes so many of the cadets spend
their weekends in DC.

Why did you choose L8DC as the venue for Army of Love?  
It's perfectly located in a center of the city and one block from the White House.

What kind of crowd are you expecting?  
A diverse crowd of both experienced and novice partygoers.

Danny Verde is the perfect DJ.
He was an easy choice.  He’s simply an amazing talent who has played all over the world including numerous Papa parties.   His upbeat,
energetic music will get our soldiers pumped up and ready for battle on the dance floor.

What should one wear to the event?  
I expect everyone dressed in their sexiest military gear!  Actually, dressing up is encouraged but not necessary.  If this is your first time,
feel free to come as you are and just enjoy the experience.

Is that your advice for Papa newbies?  
Yes, Papa is all about celebrating who you are as an individual and having fun.  We want you to let your creativity shine in a safe

How will you measure success at the end of the night?  
If everyone had a good time, enjoyed the music and experienced something new, I'll consider it a battle won.

The Papa Party “Army of Love” takes place Friday, March 15 at L8DC (727 15th St NW, Washington DC) with DJ Danny Verde and special
guest Eliad Cohen.  

Tickets at

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