RIKK YORK, Raw & Revisited
By George RegZ

Adult Film star Rikk York was born in Ponce,
Puerto Rico, today he is 29 years old and has
been working in the industry for a little less than
three years.

In this short time, We first interviewed Rikk back
in 2014 at the launch of his career in the adult
industry and we are back to catch up with this
rising star as he talks about his evolution and
journey to where he is at today.
CLICK HERE for the introductory interview.

Since the last time we interviewed, what has been
the greatest change in your adult film career?
The greatest change would have to be all of the adventures
I've embarked on the last couple of years. There are so
many things that have come of this that have shape me
into a better person. Throughout my journey, I've learned
many lessons theres been crazy times of happiness,
anger, fear and times where I've learned to honor myself.

How has the adult film entertainment evolved since you
started? What are some positive/negative changes?
Oh where do I begin?!
I'll promise to be quick lol
In my opinion, there's more negatives then positives.
At the end of the day... This is something that people who
consider getting into this need courage to begin and
maintain their status. The most dramatic changes since
I started is probably that the racial agenda has been push
down on the eyes of society. When I was starting in the
industry I had so many images and people to look up too.
By that I mean more ethnic diversity on all major adult film
sites and porn houses I would look into. There were
Hispanic men with full chest hair. The dark and golden
skin with exotic backgrounds. These men how were so
good at what they did. Thats what inspired me to get into
this. These men were like gods in my eyes. However, now
I just see all these young boys that are not unique, theres just no "Super Stars". The era of porn I've entered is very white-washed, no hairy
men,  and no one with authentic PORNSTAR qualities.

How has being involved in the industry changed your life in the last few years? (Negatively and Positively) Where do you want to go
with this as Rikk York?

There's been a great deal of trials and tribulations, but all of them have taught me one major lesson:
To stay true to you and you heart! Your heart will never let you down.

What are 3 important things you do to keep yourself relevant or to stand out in this industry?

#1: Believing in my brand.

Being my true unique self. That is what naturally separates me from all others out there. Not getting involve in stupid twitter battles for

#2: Re-inventions of my life. "Chapters"

As I go about my porn acting career.  I've been my own
creator and do whats best for my brand. I always look to
improve by creating goals, and standards every year. I
challenge myself by exploring my creative side and
showing different sides of my personality with these
photo shoots I do that are not just associated with porn.
That is what drives me as well as boosts my confidence
:). Being able to set goals and achieving them every time
is the reason why I do this.

#3: Being my very own, and very best competition.

Going into a project whether its for film or in my personal
life, focusing on what I could benefit from it and what
challenges I have to go through, and executing so that
I know what the end result looks like and walking away

Has dating been challenging? (Why/why not?)
Dating has become very complex and rare with my
situation.  After being in the industry for this long, you
begin to develop these walls to protect yourself while
dating. Love begins to become a concept that is rather
simply said than done. The idea of love become an
emotions based purely on equality and fairness. Like
normal ones but with 10x more respect as well and
commitment throughout the circumstances. This means
thru thick and thin, literally
haha. My number one struggle
has been trying to find a committed relationship while
still being a part of this industry. While the concept of true
love still remains a part of me with the way I was brought
up, being recognize on the street and throughout my life
because of the choices that I've made, it has been very
hard on me to be turned on or deny of the true feelings
of love towards someone. Now through so many battles
and let downs... What I am truly looking for is
commitment. 100% communication and no lies. With
that I would like to add that regardless of what happens
communication is what drives any relationship
regardless of hard times or struggles that is what brings
people together at the end of the day.

Has there been more regulations/precautions during filming now that PREP is popular? How does this affect you personally and on-
Well for me it has been a different journey since I recently moved to New York just about seven months ago. Coming into the city I was
fortunate enough that found health clinics and hospitals that help promote prep and the movement of prevention of HIV. As fortunate or as
sad as it may sound not many of us in the community are aware of the advantages and the benefits of such treatments. Once I moved to
New York I decided to take the proper measurements into finding a way of being on prep. This idea was something I kept hearing so many
times around me and around my community that I decided to jump on board and be proactive. However the pill does not protect you
against STD, but being used in conjunction with condoms it is a way of being 100% clear of potentials issues.

What do you do on your off-time when you're not filming? *hobbies? Other gigs?
Work work and work!
I try to stay as busy as possible. From working in the beauty industry to dancing at various night clubs in NYC and currently getting booked
around the U.S. for special events. I am so passionate about the jet-setter lifestyle, it totally comes with the territory.

What is something you wish you knew before getting involved in this industry that you would have done differently today? Any regrets?
Yes, about being "represented" I am a big believer in that everything happens for a reason. However, If I have to mention a regret, I would
have told myself "NEVER GET AN AGENT!" Most of my success came after the realization that I can be my own boss in this industry. Once
you realize that,and do research on your own terms, with talent and intelligence to carry you through this you can be unstoppable.

Now that you live in NYC what ls the vibe like out there, how have the opportunities compared to when you lived in Miami?
New York has been nothing but a blessing in disguise.

Ever since Rikk York made it to the big apple, I feel that the city has a magical way of bringing out your best qualities and having you find out
what you're made of. The city literally makes or brakes you. I have been very fortunate that my talents have gotten the attention from many
other talented individuals and promoters. As I mentioned before I do have a passion for dancing. So New York is the perfect city that if you
ever had dreams of becoming a dancer this is the place to be. One of the best pieces of advice that I receive as I moved here is: "New York
City is where you build your name but it's not where you make your money." Once I understood what that meant the roller coaster of
adventures and money starts rolling in because I cashed in on all of the time invested into becoming Rikk York. Miami as it great as it is,
It's a city that is often overrated. I am still very much in love with Miami and the Broward area, but being in New York is something you have
to experience and live.

#1: my goody bag.
It contains my sleep-over necessities. When you live in New York usually you may find
yourself living so far away from your usual hang out spot that you're constantly packed up
just in case you happen to stay over someone's house or have a long day. There's nothing
wrong with the touch up throughout the day. Lol

#2: Gym clothes
I am fully committed to be at the gym a minimum of five days per week. This is my stress
reliever and my passion.

#3: Underwear... Just kidding--- No underwear!
I hate wearing underwear!

What keeps you grounded on your off time?
That's very hard mostly the weather here. Right now I would say the cold bitter winters of NYC. It keeps me home or at the gym. Summer's
are the complete opposite. It's so easy to be trouble in those hotter months.

What are your Valentine's Day plans?
Lol plans?

No, I've learned not to plan nor expect anything on Valentine's. As simple as it is. I am such a romantic that I don't set myself up anymore. I
know what I want, and when I see it. I'll recognize it.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
•A world traveler
•Becoming a hairstylist
•Living in Europe   

Where can people keep up with you?
Twitter: @Rikkyorkxxx
Booking email:

Photography+ concept art By: George Regz
Instagram: @Regz / @Regzofficial

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