we could and we YouTubed that train wreck over and over again until every drag queen
in town had the bit down step by step, slip and slur.

What does that say about our celebrity-obsessed culture, especially when Britney
Spears is only doing a job, the job that she alone is suited for: that of a performer.  She
shows up, lays down the vocal track, wears the outfit, hits the mark on the choreography
and then calls it day when the lights come down.  She goes home and (one hopes)
tucks her kids into bed and serves herself a warm tea.  She gets up the next day and
does it all over again because we just don’t stop – we demand more of her!  We
demand more of our celebrities than we do of our politicians or state officials – and they
run our country and enact laws that affect us directly…every…single…day.Britney
Spears is just a distraction and as long as the nation is consumed and obsessed with
what she is currently up to (or not), politicians can continue to get away with anything.  
They can try to pawn off Senate seats, they can take away our equal rights and liberties,
and they can prevent gays and lesbians from adopting children who need loving
families.  They can keep us second-rate citizens, so long as we’re busy chasing
Madonna and Britney Spears across the country on their world tours.

That’s all right!  It’s healthy to pursue fandom and especially inspiring to be a part of
something that feels bigger and greater than you yourself feel you are, but at the end of
the day the time is now and you only get one chance.  Government relies on your
complacency…we've been encouraged to be complacent for the last 8 years, shrouded
in fear, and look what it got us?

That my friends, is a real circus!  

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light, it still realized the persona of the diva and icon that her fans had grown to worship.  
But in Britney Spears’ case Record did little more than convince the audience that her
celebrity and pop-status have elevated her onto an ivory tower of her own creation – or
perhaps decimation!
We live after all in very different times.
If Spears truly is poised to reclaim her misguided iconic throne, why is it audiences
were made to pity a starlet seemingly careening out of her own control?  We don’t want
to pity our divas…no matter how alluring that sense of tragedy seems to create a
mystique we find so fascinating and thrill to analyze from every angle and degree.  
Spears is for all intents and purposes still a kid – slightly immature and certainly not as
worldly as her other contemporaries.  

Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera (former Disney band mates) have adjusted
and seemingly thrived with little controversy in the limelight.  Did we expect too much out
of Britney Spears?  Did we ask for too much too soon?

How dare Britney Spears not deliver!

During the course of the 90-minute documentary, Spears is interviewed by a
disembodied voice asking her questions about the last two (or three) years of her life –
the one that we and the media had been forced to participate in.  Spears seemingly
shifts in-and-out of the cloud of the reality she had been living, but she never addresses
the “controversies” – the wild partying, the irresponsible mothering, the alleged drug
use, the oft-times really (just really) weird behavior!  It’s as if those things didn’t happen
during that time.  Spears simply locked them safely in the box – but trust me, we have
the pictures…lots of pictures and video…to prove that it happened.

If anyone of us (in the real world of non-celebrity) found ourselves acting out in such an
outrageous manner, we’d probably suffer a minor incarceration or a stint at the local
funny farm.  If we “regular folk” behaved that way…we probably deserved it – but Spears
after only 20-days in a plush retreat signed herself out and signed herself over to the
custody of her now legal guardian: her father
Jamie Spears.

I’m not judging Britney Spears and I don’t mean to sound harsh.  I've been (and I am) a
fan of her music and image for the last 10 years and avidly watched her meteoric climb
up the charts.  I wish her all the best and continual success – I want Britney Spears to
be as relevant and note worthy as Madonna has been throughout her 25 years in
music.  I want Britney to be as pulse-pounding and controversial as her idol ever was –
intelligently and provocatively.

Maybe that’s the problem.  This is what I want, what I expect out of our pop-star
celebrities.  We thrive and nearly beg them to set the standard and push the envelope of
our social relevance.  That said, perhaps we put too much pressure on our icons to not
only entertain but also to a degree educate us on the next trends and fancies and
influence mainstream culture.

Perhaps that’s where we've made the gravest of errors.  Maybe we should be looking at
ourselves for that relevance as opposed to waiting for someone else to denote that
passion in our plight.  Are our lives so mundane that we don’t come alive until the next
new thing is released for mass consumption?  What was I doing before Britney Spears
released Circus? It’s still a blur…but it sure was sweet!  I may be coming down from the

Britney Spears may have chosen her fate: she chose to be an entertainer.  It was
inevitably in her blood – she was born to make us happy and she thrived on our every
applause and exultation of her.  We mimicked her dance routines (c’mon I know you
did) and we smacked our gum just like she did as we imagined ourselves on the red
carpet.  We watched with an unquestionable curiosity as she paraded across the stage
in what appeared a drunken state in the now infamous MTV performance, but at the
same time we screamed gimme more! Gimme…gimme more!

Sadly we didn't exactly phone a doctor friend or social worker and asked him to pay Ms.
Spears a visit immediately backstage.  No, we called every catty queen
www.ambiente.us  JANUARY | ENERO 2009

By JC Alvarez

Britney Spears’ newly released sixth studio album entitled ‘CIRCUS’ is a certified hit!  
The album hit the #1 spot on the Nielsen Soundscan charts, making it her fifth #1.   

News of a fully mounted world tour is in affect as ticket sales have already begun
for Spears’ much anticipated return to the performance arena.  It looks like the pop star
is back on track to reclaim her icon status in very much the predicted style of a typical
comeback.  It’s the story of the year that everyone – including her label, her
management, and her fans – was expecting out of her!

Interesting…isn't it?  I don’t mean to sound cynical, but I’m particular concerned by what
looks like a tragedy waiting to happen.  As if someone has actually dressed up the
proverbial lip-stick pig, in a party dress and asked it to take a couple of spins around the
barn – before heading into the slaughter house.  We already were a part of one lipstick
pig parade – do we need another?

Everyone watched the glossy and glamorous MTV documentary BRITNEY: FOR THE
RECORD, which presented her in such a dreary and tragic light.  This wasn't the
homage to her idol’s brilliantly executed Truth or Dare documentary.  When Madonna
had cameras following her around across the globe, she still was completely in control
– maybe even if it didn't portray her in the most genial

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