South Florida's Events Architect
by Herb Sosa

He's lived in over 10 countries and visited over 40 so far.
Has worked in the top clubs in South Beach & organized
events to die for, around the globe.  He manages a who's
who of D.j.s & performers...
And he is only getting warmed up!

AMBIENTE recently sat with Mr Coronado to see what one of
South Florida's leaders in marketing, management & club
promotions thinks of MIA nightlife, music and much more.

Your work allows you to travel a lot.
Where have you been that is has been the most memorable
and why?

I have had a very busy year and traveling a lot indeed. I have
been in Brazil a few times this year and it has always been a
memorable experience. In my opinion, Brazil right now has
the best nightlife in the world. The clubs are just outstanding
in terms of talent and production, and it has been very
inspiring to see that level of nightlife taking place in South
America. I love Brazil and every single visit has been simply
amazing on all levels.

How does the LGBT community change or differ change or
differ from city to city where you have lived / visited ?

I have lived in 10 countries and been to over 40, and every
LGBT community has differences of course. Before I moved to
the USA, I lived for a few years in Italy where it was not easy to
be a gay person.  As we all know, religion is very strong in Italy
and people tended to hide their gay lifestyle as much as they
could. The same thing happens in the different countries in
South America where I have lived. The world is certainly more
open-minded today than 1 or 2 decades ago, but we all know
that being gay can still be an issue. I would say that the LGBT
community in the bigger cities such as Miami Beach, is stronger than in smaller towns. I think there are quite a few very involved activists
who have made a big difference and important changes in Miami Beach, and that is one of the reasons why we live so comfortably here.

You are in great shape. How do you balance your schedule with health and fitness?

I have been focused on my fitness specially in the last 1 year and a half, and I am very happy
with the results. It is a lot of work,  but it is worthwhile. Well, working out and exercising is a
great way to disconnect from work and relax too. One of the important reasons why I am very
focused on it is because the entertainment industry is becoming more and more appearance
oriented. DJs, recording artists, marketers, promoters, and anyone is the music industry is
these days not only expected to be talented but to look good, to be in good shape, etc. It is the
way it is and I believe that we all have to put the work and efforts to be in the best shape we

What do you think most people don't know or understand about your business?

Many things, lol. People think that working on the entertainment industry is a very easy thing to
do. They think it is very glamorous and they do not understand that it takes a lot of patience
and efforts to be successful and / or established in this industry.  For the most part, it is quite
stressful and is actually one of the most challenging industries ever for different reasons. It is
long hours of work and during busy months, you need to work every day. Traveling is fun, but
they don't realize that you are working... They only see that you are in a party somewhere in the
world, and they don't see it as work. Don't take me wrong, there are a lot of great things and
experiences that are very fun and rewarding as a professional and as a person, but that
doesn't mean that there isn't a lot of work involved and stresses like in every business.

How long have you lived in Miami? Where are you from ?

I have lived in Miami for over 9 years now. I was born in Lima, Peru. I started traveling since
a very early age with my family. I also left home right after I finished my high school education
(when I was 16 years old) and moved to Europe. I went to school in Europe and worked at the
same time. My life has been very intense and I feel very blessed that I had the opportunity to
see the world being that young. Before I moved to the States, I had already been in almost
every place in the world that I wanted. I had a very good job while living in Europe and I pretty
much spent most of my money in traveling. Until today, traveling is still my biggest passion
and can't get enough of it. However, now traveling has a different purpose for me. It is the
most enjoyable when I go on trips with people that I love, or when I visit and spend quality
time with my beautiful family, or when I travel with  the talent that I represent to some of their
most important bookings. Needless to say,  I have made fantastic friends all over the world
and it is always so fun to see them again and have a wonderful time with people that I truly
care for.

How have you seen the club scene change and evolve in Miami ? How does it compare to
other cities? Where is it headed ?

It has changed a lot. If we talk about the gay scene, it has changed very much and
unfortunately, I believe it used to be much better before. I was 18 years old the first time
I came to Miami and I fell in love with Miami and the nightlife scene and everything else.
Warsaw, Paragon, Salvation, etc...All these fantastic clubs and parties all over the place.
Well, there were many more gay people living in South Beach at the time and the economy
was also much different then than it is now. We all know that the economy has made a big
impact in the nightlife scene in Miami and many cities in the USA in general. If people do not
have the resources to spend a lot of money going out, obviously clubs have much less
budgets and therefore, it is much harder to throw a fantastic party. However, the South Florida
clubs have done a great job to offer their best to the locals and the
tourists and those efforts are certainly appreciated. Look at Brazil,
their economy is so strong now, therefore, their parties are so
amazing because they have the budgets to do it. However, we
should stay positive and think that things in general will be better
in our nightlife scene. We still have a wonderful weather and a
beautiful city, and no one can't take that away from us!

What are the 3 things
a successful nightclub
must have?

Experienced people running it,
And good programming.

I know, it sounds like just
basics, but you may be
surprised how many clubs
lack these basics, that is why
they do not stay in business
very long.

Who is your dream performer and why ?

I love Madonna, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez. Three of them are amazing marketing and
business people and that along with their talent, has led them to become the worldwide
superstars that they are. To be in that level of success, talent of singing or dancing is not
enough. You actually have to be a complete package and have the power and knowledge to
set trends and to shake the world as they did.

How has being gay and Latino affected your business? Helped or hurt? And how?

I never felt it affected me in a negative way. If anything I believe it has helped me. After all, if
you live in Miami, being bilingual is something that opens you a lot of doors. Also and while
doing international business, being able to communicate and interact in different languages
with my clients, has certainly help me a lot to establish very strong relationships. People
enjoy doing business specially when they can speak their own language, they feel much
more comfortable, so it has certainly worked in my favor.

What would you tell a young promoter just starting out. Give advise.

First of all realize that the only way to become successful on this business is by working very
hard like in any business that you start. Not only that, but see if you have the qualities, the
strength and the personality to do it. Do it for the right reasons and for real passion, not for
an ego trip or for just trying to be "popular".

If you were not promoting or managing talent, what would you be doing?

I would probably be in South America, opening a business of some sort. I consider myself
very talented in doing business and South America is a market that interests me a lot these

What are you passionate about?

Traveling as I mentioned before, but I am also very passionate about making my goals come
true. I am a very goal oriented person and I have always accomplished the goals that I have
put in my mind. This can be in either my personal life or on a business level. Also and in the
last  few years, I have worked a lot in my personal happiness and my spirituality. Still things
to improve of course, I am only human. But in general I am very happy with the person I have

When you go to a club what do you look for?

Well, if I go to a club to have fun and relax, of course a DJ that I
like, a good sound system and good service. I think that if those
elements exist in a club, chances are very high that it will be a
really fun night out.

When you listen to music what do you like? What do you dance
to ?

I love house music, of all types. From soulful or Ibiza house, to
vocal house, to more tribal or progressive and electro sounds.
It depends on my mood, but I love different styles of house music
and love a bunch of different DJs  on both the gay and straight

What is in your future? Any surprise for your followers?

I am actually very excited to start 2012. I had a fantastic 2011 and
I feel very thankful. And I am very excited about 2012 as there are
amazing projects in the works. Nothing I can disclose yet but it
involves different international projects that I am very excited about.
Before we end this interview, I would like to invite everyone to my
birthday party event  at The Manor Complex in Fort Lauderdale on
Saturday, January 7th.  It will be a wonderful night and can't wait!!


Miami | A beautiful place to live

Brazil | Production

Nightlife | My current boyfriend

Success | Don't give up until you get what you desire

Popularity | Good for business

Class | Sexy

Music | A Must

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to be successful
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For the most part, it
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